Venice is a mesmerizing city, unique in every single aspect. I visited this city the first time when I was a kid, with my parents, like most Italians do. Years later, when I was eighteen, thanks to a friend whose grandmother owned a tiny apartment in Venice, I had the unique experience of being able to spend a few days with him and a group of other friends, staying in Venice, just a few hundred meters away from St. Marks's Square.

It was a truly incredible memory that has stayed in my heart since then, especially because it allowed me to discover a side of Venice that I hadn't seen before, the side streets, the small authentic shops, and the surreal silence of the city at night, after the majority of tourists left with the last train.

Since then I always wanted to go back to Venice to take a long photographic walk through its narrow street and canal. What better opportunity than doing so during one of the most beautiful carnivals in the world? Inspired by a friend photographer who goes there every year and holds spectacular workshops, I spoke to my friend Jeff and we decided to spend a full day together taking pictures of the city and its stunning masks.