Music photography

In March 2006 a couple of friends were visiting from Italy. One night we went out to a pub, where a local band, the Soul Be It, were playing. I brought my camera with me, as usual, and took some pictures of the band while they were performing, which I sent them after the show.

The leader of the band, Matt DePalma, liked those pictures and reached out to see if I was interested in shooting an upcoming recording session in studio. They were going to play in front of video cameras to record a reel with some of their covers and I was supposed to take some pictures to be used on the website and on their marketing material. That’s how I entered the magical world of music photography, another experience which I’ll never forget.

One of my most exciting memories with the Soul Be It, goes back to a stormy afternoon of May 2008. We had an appointment with the entire band to shoot some promotional pictures with them at Coney Island. The entire morning, until just a few minutes before we met it had been raining cats and dogs. I was almost certain that the shoot had to be canceled, but I drove there anyways. To my surprise, just a few minutes before the band arrived, the rain ended, leaving us with a one of the most unforgettable skies we could ever ask for, and an empty boardwalk!

Matt was also the leader of another band, called Artificial Flavor, and so he asked me to shoot some pictures with them, both in studio and on location, for their marketing material.

My music photography portfolio was slowly growing, and this allowed me to be found by other local singers who needed pictures. One of the most interesting projects was to work with Greg Diamond on his first album CD cover.

One of the last interesting music related project I had the opportunity to work on, was together with music producer Eryck Bry and a very talented young singer - Nina Mari - who needed some photographs taken for her marketing material.