My Little World.

Twenty years ago, in the summer of 1999, this website was born.

I was 28 years old, and my home town was my entire world -- that's I lived and that's where I worked. Which is why I called this site “My Little World”.

Little I knew that, thanks to this very website, and to a series of lucky coincidences, a couple of years later my world would have become so much bigger!

On June 13th 2000, I moved to the US to study at the Stony Brook University, where I graduated in 2003 with a BS in Computer Science, and in 2005 with an MS in Computer Science. After graduation, I started working as a web developer in a development company located on Long Island, few miles from New York City.

1990 - 2010: A Journey into Photography.

My love for photography was born somewhere in between playing with my father’s old Russian rangefinder, and with my first film reflex, a used Minolta X300. I used to have boxes full of negatives and prints of some of the best shots taken with those cameras, mostly shot on either the bold Kodak Gold 1000 film, or on the grainy black and white T-Max 3200.

After I moved to the US, I switched to digital photography. This transition allowed me to experiment more, and to become a better photographer. After playing around a few years with a small Sony DSC-F505V during college, I celebrated my first pay-check buying myself my first DSLR, a wonderful full frame Canon 5D.

It was the beginning of a long exploration into the world of photography, learning about off-camera lighting, digital darkroom post-processing, and all kinds of photography.

This long journey into the fantastic world of photography left me with some dear memories, which I would like to revisit here with you.

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